What is Gold?

What is Gold - by Spada Diamonds

Some sources have estimated that the total production of gold from ancient times to present could be placed within a 25-meter cube. A similar cube for platinum would be substantially smaller, barely exceeding six meters. Due to their rarity and value, gold, silver, platinum and members of the platinum group have earned the special nickname of noble metals.

Long considered the most precious of metals, gold is deeply woven into the very fabric of human culture. It has captured our imagination and has inspired numerous legends and myths throughout the course of history. Gold has been hoarded, treasured, coveted and lavishly bestowed upon people, temples and objects of worship. It has been responsible for creating global currencies, staring wars, toppling empires, mass migrations and more. And it has helped shape the course of human history. we are inextricably bound to the precious metal.

Untarnishable and impervious to corrosion, it is the most malleable of metals, yet remains miraculously strong. While its rich luster has long influenced the affairs of state and religion, its primary use remains within the realms of personal adornment. 

Frequently featured as an integral part of antique and modern jewelry, purchasers should be aware of the intricacies of gold purity. Gold is mined in several countries around the globe, but in terms of output, the main sources are South Africa, the USA, Australia, Canada, China, Russia, Peru and Indonesia. 

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