Collection: Designer Showcase

What is the Designer Showcase?

What is the Designer Showcase?

The Designer Showcase is a place of local and international jewelry artisans to showcase their art and work.

What happens when I purchase from the Designer Showcase?

When you purchase from the Designer Showcase, your order will go immediately to the artist in question. They will then fullfill your order, as placed. Spada Diamonds will forward you any tracking number on their behalf.

How long will shipping take from the Designer Showcase?

Shipping from the Designer Showcase will be done by the designer/artist in question. As some of our artists reside overseas, there might be different shipping times associated with your purchases. Feel free to contact us before your purchase, to verify any shipping times to your location.

I would like two of the same item, how do I got about this?

Most items in our Designer Showcase are unique and one of a kind. If you are wanting the exact same piece made, please contact us and we will forward your message to the designer in question. They will then be able to assist you with your order.

Can a Designer create a custom item?

Absolutely! Contact us today and we will bring you in contact with the designer in question.

How do I return a Designer Showcase item?

Any returns or damaged items on the Designer Showcase will have to be returned to the artist purchased from. Please contact us and we will bring you in contact with the artist to start a return process. Please note that the same conditions of returns and refunds apply, as your usual Spada Diamonds purchases.

Can I apply to be in the next Designer Showcase?

Absolutely, contact us today and we will forward you an application form.